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Trypan blue helps surgeons visualize the bag when performing capsulorhexis and other anterior segment procedures

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General indications

Temporary staining of the capsule

Temporary staining of intrastromal corneal tissue

Temporary staining of the Descemet’s membrane

Visualization of the position of the corneal graft on recipient tissues during keratoplasty

MONOBLUE SafR also improves tolerance of trypan blue thanks to purification of the raw material and the addition of mannitol.

Monoblue SafR is a purified Trypan blue isotonic sterile solution presented in a single dose syringe containing 0.75 mL of a 0.055% solution.

Comes in a box of five single-use 0.75 mL syringes.

To ensure maximum tolerance, the exclusive proprietary purification process guarantees the extraction of toxic components such as toludine – violet, and monoazo, thereby improving tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.

The addition of mannitol, known for its antioxidant properties, combined with the already-purified trypan blue, enhances the tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.

The high percentage of blue >95% in MONOBLUE SafR enhances its staining power on the capsule, or the tissues of the anterior segment such as Descemet’s membranes, trabeculum, etc.

The use of a long pre-filled syringe and specific plunger guarantees a smooth, controlled injection.

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