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Strip Meniscometry Test for Measuring Tear Volume

Quantitative Measure of Tear Volume

The I-TEAR® TEST is a quick and easy test to measure the volume of tears produced. The quantitative measurement provides important information on the efficacy of the patient’s lacrymal system as part of a complete KCS diagnosis protocol.

  • Non-invasive
  • Quick, 5 second test
  • No anaesthetic required

1 box contains 50 test strips. (One sterile strip tests 2 eyes) 

The I-TEAR® TEST should be used to measure quantitative Dry Eye Disease (also known as an aqueous deficiency). To measure a qualitative deficiency (also knows as evaporative Dry Eye Disease) the TBUT should be done.

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Instruction for Use


Carefully open the transparent, sterile pouch at either end so as to not damage the device


Hold the I-TEAR® TEST strip in the center. Do not touch the tips of the device that contain the blue dye.


Note: Do not block the two holes in the middle of the strip, place your fingers between these


Apply the "R" marked tip of the I-TEAR® TEST to the Right eye's lateral lower lid tear meniscus without touching the cornea and conjuctiva.


Avoid touching the cornea, while making sure you have contact with the tear.


Measure the length of the stained tear column, marking with a pen. A reading of 8 and over is normal, anything under 8 is deficient.


Repeat the same procedure on the left eye using the "L" marked tip.

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