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I-LENS® K9 650 & K9 650 HSM

These IOLs come in a complete range of sizes with a unique platform and made of P.U.R.E. material.

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I-LENS® K9 650 & K9 650HSM (For Dogs)

Hydrophilic Acrylic IOL- Allows for a foldable lens and small incisions

Square Edge Design - Reduces posterior capsule opacification (PCO)

Unique Haptic Design - Facilitates loading and unfolding without optic vaulting and provides excellent centration

Heparin Surface Modification (HSM) - reduces postoperative inflammation and associated risks of foreign body reaction and infection

Precision Unresolved material Extraction (P.U.R.E.) - This process extracts all the unwanted materials in the production process improving the overall quality of the IOL material

Added Value - Includes single-use injector and cartridge

HSM lenses come with the new Medicel Accuject™ Backloaded Injector for easy handling and insertion, non-HSM lenses come with a front-loaded injector

The I-LENS® K9-650 and K9-650 HSM hydrophilic IOLs are manufactured using proprietary Precision UnResolvedmaterials Extraction (P.U.R.E.) to remove extraneous processing materials found in hydrophilic IOLs that are fully polymerized. This gives them enduring optical clarity and enhanced biocompatibility.

They provide:

  • Overall Diameter for Non-HSM: 12.0, 13.0 or 14.0 mm
  • Overall Diameter for HSM: 11.0, 12.0, 13.0 or 14.0 mm
  • Optic Design: Biconvex
  • Optic Diameter: 6.5 mm (6.0 mm clear)
  • Haptic Design: Flexible haptics with small internal protrusion to indicate proper lens orientation
  • Angulation: Square Edge (5°)
  • Lens Material: Hydrophilic acrylic with optional heparin surface modification
  • Power: 41D
  • Sterilization: Autoclave

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