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Why I-MED Animal Health?

I-MED Animal Health is dedicated to improving the ocular health of companion animals by delivering the highest quality Eye Care, Diagnostic and Surgical Product Offerings on the market for companion animals.

Our commitment to perfecting sight is what drives us to provide you with superior products manufactured with high quality, human standards, and medical-grade materials. Supported by our exceptional customer service and passion for animals.

In collaboration with leading veterinarians and ophthalmologists, we are pleased to offer the very best eye care solutions with the highest standards and quality for the safety of our animal patients.

Supporting the community. 

Our values align in making the world a better place for pets. Prime examples would be I-MED Animal Health supporting rescues such as Help Paws, Rescue All Dogs, and Riley’s Legacy, SPCA Montreal, and more. Also, most expired goods are donated to various animal shelters.

If you have any organizations that would be interested in receiving support reach out to us at We  look forward to strategizing with your organization on how I-MED Animal Health can make the world a better place for our pets, as we are more than happy to comply and support in any possible way.