Lubrication and Moistening of Eye Surfaces

I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in providing uniquely formulated hydrating and lubricating eye drops. The unique viscoadaptive and pseudoplastic properties of the i-drop® Vet family of products resulting in longer-lasting solutions that:
• requires fewer applications
• have a lower total cost
• have increased comfort
• are easy to instill



i-drop® Vet Gel is the first sterile, multidose, preservative-free delivery system provides lubrication and moistening of the eye surface. Untouched by toxic crosslinking chemical agents, it brings immediate lubrication and moistening with every blink. i-drop® Vet Gel, 0.3% viscoadaptive HA, is sold in a 10 mL sterile multidose preservative-free delivery system.BUY NOW



i-drop® Vet Plus Multidose lubricates and moisturizes the eye surface with fewer applications. i-drop® Vet Plus Multidose is sold in bottles of 10 mL. This product contains preservative.BUY NOW



i-drop® Vet Plus unit doses are recommended for lubrication and moisturizing of the eye surface. It is sold in boxes of 20 preservative-free unit doses.BUY NOW



i-drop® Vet’s unique formulation uses ingredients specifically formulated for animals to provide lubrication and moisturizing of the surface of the eye. It is sold in boxes of 20 preservative-free unit doses.BUY NOW